Even the ships need a link!!


There are a lot of interesting sites about mechant ships on the web.

I give you the list of the ones I'm a "aficionado" ! If you know other sites that you want me to add, please send me a message.


Shippotter and ship collections of images.
Shippotter and ship collections of images.
(continuation) Huge and fantastic database. More than 70.000 photographs. Updated daily. Sometimes difficult to find a ship. A list of the ships online is missing. Riversea International.
A Daily Journal of Merchant Shipping Photography.
Un journal quotidien de photographies de la marine marchande
Rosenkranz Shipphotos. Superb collection of general cargo ships with derricks and vessels flying the Chinese flag. Promenade Foto's. Nice collection of pictures of general cargos and other kind of ships in the 80's and the 90's by Henk Kouwenhoven. One of my favourite Christopher Brooks shipping photography. Beautiful pictures!! Solentwaters. From Southampton Portsmouth. Shipping information and pictures by Tony Richardson.
Maik Ebel's Great collection of photographies. New presentation since 2006. Ship photography and freighter journeys. Excellent website in german of a Neptun-421 class fan. (Photographie de navires et voyages en cargo. Excellent site d'un fan des navires de classe Neptun-421).
Navegación y barcos. Fco. Javier García Jiménez and his "colaboradores" collection. Pictures of ships taken at Galway Harbour on the West Coast of Ireland by Brian McGrath
Duivendijk. New and old ship photos and maritime stuff by Leon van Duivendijk Turkish Ships : Turkish ships photos from Istanbul, Turkish owned ships, Former Turkish ships... The Ilhan Kermen website!
Ships of the world. Capt's José Luis Díaz Campa & Amador Méndez Fernández Shipping Pages Andreas Schröder website : Pictures from ships on Nord-Ostsee Kanal (Kiel Canal) and other maritim views. (In German) Ship photographs taken in the River Thames. Over 1500 pictures Schiffsbilder von NOK und mehr : Many pictures and a very professional website - Plein de photo et un site très professionnel. (In German)
Ship Photos from Istanbull Merchant Ships International : Site by Steffen Wiedner dedicated to all kinds of international merchant ships - Site dédié à tous les types de navires marchants

Informations sur la Marine Marchande française, comagnies, photos, visites de navires. Mise à jour quotidienne.
French Merchant navy, shipping co and ships. Daily updated.
Capt Hervé Cozanet (En Français).

Tugspotters : Latest news and pictures regarding tugs & other ships, salvage operations - Dernières nouvelles & photos sur les remorqueurs et autres navires et les opérations de sauvetage
Photos de navires (Français) By Yannick LE BRIS. Photographies of all kind of ships - Superb photo report - Superb presentation. Michael Harms website. Very good website with many pictures of high sea ships and river ships. Très bon site avec plein de photos de navires de haute mer et de rivière.
De Hoaven van delfziel New pictures every day! Excellent Web-log from The Netherlands made by Bert van der Kuijl and friends - Excellent blogs avec plein de photos réalisés par Bert van der Kuijl - New blog : A very good website from the Netherlands. Daily updated, with amazing reports and video clips! Miramar Ship Index. Find all information about ancient vessels! Amazing!!!! - retrouvez les informations sur les anciens navires! Incroyable!!!
Hamburg port images Maritime photography by jan tiedemann. Images of all kinds of vessels that can be seen at Hamburg. Nicoline Hollander's Weblogs amsterdamsehaven - cruiseschepenamsterdam and ceresterminalsamsterdam Many many pictures!!! Excellent!
JTA ship photos. From the port of Fredericia - Denmark Other very good ship images websites by Faith Jordan : Ship-Images and his Shipimage-Blog - Deux nouveaux sites réalisés par Faith Jordan
Mar y Barcos. History about spanish shipping companies. Marion and Helge Barth website. Très belles photos. Le site réalisé par Marion and Helge Barth. De très belles photos.
Matterson Marine Photography. Taken in major Australian ports such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. (Shipping Data Base) Jack Bouman website. Photos from the Waterweg and Rotterdam.
Sanderse. Photos of ships made on several trips, in Rotterdam and the river Scheldt Michel "Miguel" Rodriguez Web-blog about Port of Bayonne. Vamos vamos Miguel!!
Scheepvaarthoek - Rotterdam. Photos from Jan van der Klooster. Updated several times a month. Jean-Paul Malachane Website. Ships in the port of Sète (France), City of Sète - Navires dans le port de Sète. Ville de Sète.
Schiffs fotos. Pictures of ships mostly taken at Hamburg and on the river Elbe by Martin Witte. A very good website, very professional with superb pictures by Max Müller - Excellent website, très professionnel
Ship Great collection of ships. Links towards other sites by the same webmaster for Tug Photos, Coaster Photos and Ferry Photos. Japanese webblog with superb pictures. Blog en japonais, avec de très belles photos
Ships Off Terneuzen : Photos from Marcel van Luik. Beautiful pictures!! Ships of the Mersey. And The Manchester Ship Canal by Alan Faulkner
Site réalisé par Alan Faulkner
Ships in port of Santos (Brazil) Shipfoto Stockyard Super japanese website, similar principle to "Shipspotting". Super site en japonais, au principe équivalent à "Shipspotting".
Ship World. Photo-archive, that contains nearly every type of merchant ship from germany. Vesseltracker Photographic database of ships primarily visible in Western Europe. I take part in this collection - Base de documentation photographique de navires visibles essenciellement en Europe occidentale. Je participe à cette collection.
Termaloma. The website of Olav Moen and Terje Moen from Stavanger (Norway) Navi E : Superb Italian Website dedicated to shipping and in particular, to shipowners and shipowner's groups (Italian and foreigner). Impressive gallery of pictures! With registration!
Navi E : Superbe site Italien dédié aux navires et aux compagnies maritimes, italiennes et étrangères. Extraordinaire galerie de photos. Enregistrement obligatoire!
Wellandcanal. Jeff Cameron - Marine Photographer


Excellent website with superb photos taken in vicinity of the Kiel-Canal by Miraflores - Excellent website avec de superbes photos prises près du Canal de Kiel par Miraflores.
Cargos à Port La Nouvelle (En Français!) page réalisée par Cédric Grojean. The port of Dunkerque by Robert Fournier (Superb photos) - Le port de Dunkerque par Robert Fournier (superbes photos)
Zeeschepen op het haringvliet Digital Seas Community and free Vessel Archive. Many photos of many vessels, AIS position! - Archives et informations gratuits sur la marine marchande, AIS Position!
Dennis Shum and Tylon Leung. From HongKong Island and from Oakland. Weblog devoted to merchant ship photography by Fred Vloo - Blog de photos de navires marchands par Fred Vloo Informations pêche et marine marchande. Photographies de José Arocena (Français. English, español, Deutch, russian) Wreck database made by people interested in the history of wrecks - base de données d'épaves effectuée par les personnes intéressées par l'histoire des naufrages.
Ship photos from the River Schelde : Johnny van de velde Schepen in het Kielerkanaal.
Blog about ship photography in transit on the Kiel Canal.
Blog sur les navires en transit sur le Canal de Kiel.
Ship Photos from Gibraltar

NEW Havenfoto's. Henk van Kooten's website, a merchant ship lover and very good photographer. A beautiful site!
Website réalisé par Henk van Kooten, passionné par la marine marchande. Un très beau site!
Quaysides from Patrick Hill Superb collection of photos and informations from Aleksey Yablonskiy. is W&W Kosten's digital portfolio and is dedicated to shipping photographs, mostly up and around the river Scheldt. By Peter Bichsel, Markus Berger, Daniel Trösch, and all team swiss-ships!
Official Ports and shipping companies sites using "Pioner Moskvy" ships - Other links Photography par Pierre-Alfred Caille, in inglish and in french. Port de Bayonne
Visualships. Ship Photos from Spain, Barcelona, Las Palmas, San Sebastian, Vigo... Puerto de Pasajes
Bilder på fartyg : Swidish ship photography website. NSC : Northern Shipping Co Arkhangelsk
This site is aimed towards people with a devotion and love of ship photos, some photos are from the past and a lot taken from the present.
Site dédié aux amoureux de photos de navires. Photos du passé mais beaucoup de photos du présent
Special 125th anniversary of the FESCO shipping co page with all the vessels of the history of the FESCO fleet. (In russian but fantastic).
Page spéciale du 125ème anniversaire de la flotte de la compagnie FESCO avec tous les navires ayant navigué pour la compagnie. (En russe mais fantastique)
Birkey's vessel Website. Collection of ship photography. FESCO : Far Eastern Shipping Company (Vladivostok)
Ship Photo Gallery by David Gallichan from Manchester. Oceaninterbusiness
The "Ship Hunters" site. From Belgium in the Belgian port Zeebrugge. SASCO - (korean site) Sakhaline Shipping Company
Schepen op de Schelde. Beautiful pictures of ships taken in the 80's, made in Vlissingen. Lind Stoneship
Illustrated history of Dutch shipping by C.E.A. Paints and Drawings. Donbass Ukrainian SHipping Co (Mariupol)
Ships Nostalgia.

Vyborg Shipyard. Where the "Pioner Moskvy" ships were built. English Version. Russian Version.

Nok-Schiffsfoto : Fotos vom Nord-Ostsee-Kanal und mehr (Beautiful pictures - In German) Position of many ships in the world. But fantastic to find the most recent position known of all the "Pioner Moskvy".
Nautik4ever. Archives devoted to ships, ships and more ships! By Michael Schindler. Russian Maritime register. You will find many information about vessels sailing with the russian flag. (Toutes les informations sur les navires qui naviguent sous pavillon russe).
Heikki Helen Shippages by Heikki "hese" Helen ! Mastership. Daily traffic on the Bosphorus. (Trafic journalier sur le Bosphore).
Martins Home page Rotterdam. AIS Liverpool. Position of ships in North Sea - Position des navires en mer du Nord NEW
Lars Fartygsbilder Ship photos  
Welcome on board the coastguard vessel Walker, by Wouter van der Veen, former Chief Officer of the vessel.  
Christian Biedekarken. Superb pictures of good old vessels, All kind of topics about merchant ships in german. (Superbes photos de bons vieux navires, tout ce qui touche les navires marchands, en allemand)